PT. Mega Maroci Lines

Shipping and Fishery

Established since 2005, Mega Maroci Lines has been focusing on Marine Service Support business.

We have partnered with major players on Oil and Gas business under SKK Migas (Association of Oil and Gas in Indonesia), such as:

-          Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE ONW)

-          Conoco Phillips

-          Chevron Indonesia

-          Total E&P Indonesie

-          HESS

-          British Petroleum Berau

-          Star Energy

-          EMP Kangean

-          Santos

-          Exxon Mobil Cepu

-          EMP Kondur

-          Cnooc SES Ltd

-          Premiere Oil

-          Pearl Oil

-          Nikko Resource

-          And many others

Not only on Oil and Gas sector, our Marine services also support fishery business in Indonesia.

We provide the best service to our customers emphasizing on speed, accuracy, safety, occupational health and environmental protection.

Below is our presentation on Shipping and Fishery